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    Trains not working help?

    I've been playing for nearly a year now, (so im not a total noob :P)and i just now decided id try railroads for freight and transportation, but whenever i lay the tracks, the stations etc, make the loops so they can go onto any track, all my sims refuse to use the train, no matter if they are poor, middle class or rich.

    I even tried making a small loop with residential on one side and commercial and industry on the other, (no roads to the other side only a train) and they still refused to use the trains, they ended up all going unemployed and then abandoning their homes.

    and on top of that, i went into the simulation and tried to use a train to see if it would even let me, and the countdown started, it sat there for a second and then the train disappeared and i was kicked out of it, i tried it again and i noticed that it almost looks like its trying to start the train in the middle of the tracks, i built the tracks to run north and south next and it made the train face perpendicular to the tracks.

    so it seems that the train doesn't even wanna do anything and i think thats why people won't use it.... because they can't!

    any help with this would be appreciated.

    Parallel Link 1
    Perpendicular Link 2

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    Whoa! That's quite the bug!

    I think more than likely it the bug in UDI where the train comes up perpendicular to the tracks is just a UDI thing, I wouldn't think it has nothing to do with commuting sims.

    I think due to the nature of the game, there are a lot of bugs relating to trains and railroads. There is an update avalible, on a sperete site that may adress this issue and fix it. It is the official Maxis SimCity 4 Site that has the update. But I don't even know if the update even fixes this issue. I have had the train do things like that once or twice, but with the commuting sims, that is a thing that I do believe is unsolvable, (if the update does not adress it and fix it). For now I would provide road networks to work, until it stops.

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