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  1. Unsuccessful Attempt

    Original posting: 5/15/2005 14:53

    Well, today I attempted to play Hurricane City after months of doing nothing with it. Unfortunately, before the loading was done (about 5 minutes in) the game closed for no reason, and I don't plan on trying again. My computer is just too bad to play my large city anymore, so I'm trying to build a different one, without deleting HC. It is called, Coolville (you might have known that) but is not doing very good right now. It has stalled at 50000 sims, ...
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  2. Current Pic Of Hurricane City

    Original posting: 12/11/2004 19:10

    I hope you like the pic. It is the most current so far. In the pic the population is 1,610,000, so it's a little old.
    (image removed, it no longer exists)
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  3. Higher Population

    Original posting: 12/8/2004 18:28

    Hurricane City's population has gone up 7,000 sims, and is now at 1,617,000 people!
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  4. The journal from before

    Original posting: 11/22/2004 18:20

    If you want to see the journal I made before I came here, check out the link I have in the General Chat forum, under 'Hurricane County: A Journal'. It will give you background info of mostly Hurricane City, as well as comments from the people there. You should check it out, so you know what I'm talking about here. Also, there is nothing to update about since the last post, since I haven't been playing.

    (link removed, website no longer ...
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  5. SimCity Forum now running on vBulletin v4.2

    I am happy to announce that SimCity Forum has been successfully upgraded to vB 4.2. The transition did cause the loss of the old journal feature, however, in the place of journals, we now have blogs and articles. As with the journals, posting blogs will be limited to residents and above. We also now have an articles function that will allow for static articles to be posted.

    I have made offline copies of all the old journals and will be looking for a way to get them posted to ...
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