How do you connect roads to roads in cities skylines?

How do you connect roads in cities skylines?

The simplest, easiest and most compact way to connect the starting highway to a smaller main road is to just use a pair of one-way roads – one set from the incoming highway to the end of the main road, and one from the end of the main road to the outgoing highway.

How do I make road bridges in cities skylines?

After you have selected the starting point of a new street (the street is displayed now blue), you can raise and lower the street. This creates a bridge or a tunnel. To raise the road, press the page up key, to lower it, press the page down key.

How do you change road directions in cities skylines?

To do that, simply select the Upgrade Tool. Then mouse over the road you want to change, and right-click on it. It’s that easy! Once complete, all traffic on the road will start to flow in the opposite direction.

How do you handle traffic in cities skylines?

By far the best way to help with the traffic flow in your city is to build roundabouts. These marvels of civil engineering keep the traffic moving at a brisk pace. If you find on your traffic heat map that a particular intersection is red with slowdown, consider replacing it with a roundabout.

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How do you drive cars in cities skylines PC?

Head up to a car, hit E, and you’ll take control of it. You can even pop back and forth between first and third-person perspectives.