How do you raise objects with MOVE IT cities skylines?

How do you elevate roads with move it?

Two keys: Page Up, and Page Down! That’s it. While you’re laying down infrastructure, and you find yourself in need of an elevation change, just tap one of those two buttons to modify the height your road is at. It goes without saying, but Page Up raises elevation and Page Down lowers it.

How do you move props in Cities: Skylines?

Hold the Shift key to select multiple objects to move at once. – Props (Get Prop Anarchy or Prop Snapping to be able to move up/down. Props that conform to terrain can not be raised/lowered.) To fully move props you must have either Prop Anarchy, or both Prop Snapping and Prop Precision.

How do you raise and lower objects in cities skylines?

Whatever reason you have for doing it, it’s easy to accomplish. All you need to do is hit your Page Up key to raise a road, and hit the Page Down key to lower it.

How do you adjust road height in cities skylines?

Road height can be adjusted by using the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys while drawing the road. On Mac keyboards, where the page up/down keys are unmarked, the keyboard combinations are Fn + ↑ or Fn + ↓ .

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How do you rotate objects in Cities: Skylines?

The method for rotating objects in Cities: Skylines is relatively intuitive if maybe not perfectly explained. To change the orientation of any object, simply right click on it. Doing so will rotate it 45 degrees. Alternatively, you can right-click and hold on that object, and rotate it freely by a degree at a time.

How do you use anarchy Cities: Skylines?

Use Shift+P (or Alt +P, or Ctrl+P – you can change that in options) key combination to toggle anarchy.

How do I resize a prop in cities skylines?

Select a prop in the menu using FindIt! or More Beautification. Hold CTRL + Press UP or DOWN arrows to change MinScale. Hold ALT + Press UP or DOWN arrows to change MaxScale. Hold CTRL + ALT and press UP or Down arrows to change both Max and Min Scale.