How do you unlock the ultimate recycling plant in cities skylines?

The Ultimate Recycling Plant requires the following unique buildings: Bird and Bee Haven, Climate Research Station, Lungs of the City, Floating Gardens, Ziggurat Garden, Central Park. Available only with the Parklife DLC enabled.

How do you unlock the fusion power plant in cities skylines?

Tax Office – Construct a water treatment plant, 3 instances of water pumping stations, and electricity production of 1,000 MW. Once those buildings have been placed in your city, the Fusion Power Plant will become available.

How do you unlock the Eden Project in cities skylines?

To unlock the Eden project, you must have in your city the following unique buildings;

  1. Statute of Industry (Unlocked by have 10k square of industrial zone)
  2. Friendly Neighborhood Park (Unlocked by having 10k squares of residential zone built)
  3. Official Park (Unlocked by having 10k squares of office zone built)

What does the hadron collider do cities skylines?

The Hadron Collider is an educational facility that allows all students to study in the building. Despite showing no road coverage, the Hadron Collider covers the entire city.

How do you unlock the Haven Bird and Bee?

Bird and Bee Haven (I): Build 5.000 squares of self-sufficient building specialization. Climate Research Station (II): Build 5.000 squares of farming specialization. Lungs of the City (III): Construct 7 different Park/Plaza-Buildings. Floating Gardens (IV): Build 5.000 squares of organic and local produce …

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How do you unlock monuments in cities skylines?

Monuments are unlocked at the last milestone. To build a monument, you must have all the required unique buildings for that monument built, and all nine map areas have to be unlocked. When the requirements are met, the monument becomes unlocked and can be purchased.

How do you unlock the medical center in cities skylines?

Medical Center

  1. Type: Monument (Healthcare)
  2. Unlock: Megalopolis. Build all required unique buildings.
  3. Cost: ₡650,000.
  4. Upkeep: ₡14,400/week.
  5. Relocation: ₡130,000.
  6. Water consumption: 640 m3/week.
  7. Electricity consumption: 1,440 kilowatts.
  8. Capacity: 1,000 patients.

What does the Eden Project do cities skylines?

Description. The Eden Project is a huge glass house, perfect for vast gardens full of exotic fruits and plants. It greatly increases the city profile and removes pollution from land, air, and water, making land in the city area more valuable.

How do you unlock the Statue of industry?

Statue of Industry: Requires 10,000 squares of industrial zone.