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SimCity Forum now running on vBulletin v4.2

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I am happy to announce that SimCity Forum has been successfully upgraded to vB 4.2. The transition did cause the loss of the old journal feature, however, in the place of journals, we now have blogs and articles. As with the journals, posting blogs will be limited to residents and above. We also now have an articles function that will allow for static articles to be posted.

I have made offline copies of all the old journals and will be looking for a way to get them posted to the blogs under the username of the individual who originally posted them.

My idea for the articles section is as a place to house various SimCity tutorials, tips, tricks and advice. As with blogs, full residents and above will have the ability to post articles.

My hope is that running on vB4.2 will make SimCity forum more stable and the new features will make it more inviting to use.
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  1. Callum's Avatar
    Looking good, keep it up!
  2. johnscanlan's Avatar
    This really looks great. I have a couple of vB forums (non SimCity) running 4.2 as well. I also have 5.0 on standby when I decided it is ready. I have been a vB user for about 7 years. I'm sticking by them for the duration as I do not want to go through migration to something else. Keep up the good work. If you have any questions just ask away.

    And thanks for the Contribution DVD. Saves me tons of download time.