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Hurricane City Journal

It Lives Again!

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Original posting: 1/14/2010 22:29

Yes, the day I've been waiting to see has finally arrived, Hurricane City has now passed the 2 million mark!! It is now in a class very few cities ever reach. With the aid of a new computer that is much faster and better than its predecessor, the city is now playable at a level never before possible with the old PC. I am finally able to zoom in and really see what makes up the city, the road networks and subway layouts, waterlines, everything I couldn't do before.

With my new abilities the first thing I did upon re-entering Hurricane City was do a complete survey of the city to find its weak points. And there were many. One of the major problems that has always been on my nerves was the sporadic and incomplete fire system which has led to the city being plagued by fire and halting growth. I was finally able to re-do the entire station network and put a stop to the fires, but it took some time.

The way the city was built was so....random, as it seemed looking at it closely. From a distance everything seemed fine, but upon my closer inspection many things were either very insufficient or completely lacking. Health and education were suffering badly. For some reason, most of the schools in the city had never been upgraded from small schools to their larger counterparts, leading to buildings being crowded to sometimes 10x capacity. Health care was not much better, with mostly small clinics to cover vast areas of the city. The transportation network had also been left behind. With the city expanding so rapidly, older parts of town were left behind and forgotten, not being updated to the current standards of such a large city. The old subway system espacially lacked in design, in fact there really was none in half the city, it was simply thrown together with stations and lines being put in at random, leading to horrible commute times. Even the half of the system that had been thought through was being overcrowded and needed some work.

After nearly 6 hours of essentially re-building the entire infrastructure of the city, I once again moved time forward to let the city grow. And grow it did. In just 7 years the population had expanded by over 143,000, and on 10/11/377 the population broke the 2 million mark, less than 17 years after I had left the city on the old computer nearly 2 years ago.

It took only about 50 years after the city took off in year 67 to hit 1 million people, a combined 117 years (though the first 67 only account for 46,000 people, so I call it 50 ). The second million took just about 260 years, so a little more the double the time as the first million.

So, with my dream finally achieved, I started to finally ask myself, where will the city stop? It was a question I had never really asked myself before, seeing as even 2 million was out of reach until now. But with that number surpassed, I need a new goal. I don't figure 3 million is realistic (or is it? ), but after calculation; at 2 million people there was about 26% area of the city tile still open, which is less than the 1/3 I thought it was, but good enough. That means that roughly 26% of the current population can still be added on, so I figure somewhere around 2.5 million as the cap-out point for the city. But I may be wrong, so I will just keep building in time, to see if I can actually achieve my new goal, or possibly surpass it...

Also, no new pictures, since really, the city still looks the same. Maybe I will post links for the stats soon though, as they are somewhat interesting.
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