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Hurricane City Journal

Unsuccessful Attempt

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Original posting: 5/15/2005 14:53

Well, today I attempted to play Hurricane City after months of doing nothing with it. Unfortunately, before the loading was done (about 5 minutes in) the game closed for no reason, and I don't plan on trying again. My computer is just too bad to play my large city anymore, so I'm trying to build a different one, without deleting HC. It is called, Coolville (you might have known that) but is not doing very good right now. It has stalled at 50000 sims, and I'm trying to get it going again, but when you're in debt every month it makes it difficult. I'd have to go through all the months of playing and planning I went through on Hurricane City to get the same or close results. But, as I said, my computer is just too slow. I'll try to update more in this journal since I have no other place to put one, so come back later!
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