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Hurricane City Journal

SC4 is running again!

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Original posting: 10/22/2005 22:15

Oops, I'm so stupid! I entered this as a comment! Here is the official entry instead.

Yes, thanks to some help from a 'friend' I finally have Sim City 4 working again. The disc seemed to be wearing out and my CD drive wouldn't read it, but he came up with a solution. That means I can finally play after months of waiting!

That doesn't mean, however, that my computer will cooperate. It's still slow even on my other cities as usual, and I haven't dared enter Hurricane City yet. I dread the thought of witing 10 minutes to load, 30 minutes to possibly zone a small piece of land, 2 or so hours to get some buildings, and another 35 minutes to save. Then, after it's all over, another 45 minutes or so to fully close down Sim City 4 and about 5 more minutes for my computer to return to normal running speed.

Meanwhile I have been preparing my website for the stuff I can load in a reasonable amount of time. Until I have the chance to play for at least 6 hours, I will not bother with H.C..

The surrounding cities will have to do for now...
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