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Hurricane City Journal

Hurricane City Photo Journal Part 2

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Original posting: 7/17/2009 15:07

Continued from Part 1...

Another 4 years goes by, we're now up to year 86 and a new picture. Wait a minute, isn't this the same picture as the last one? Actually no. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and the previous picture. However, there is a difference. For one, this picture was taken 4 years later, and two, the population is now up to 652,000. If you really compare the pictures side-by-side, it is really hard to believe there are that many more people here, but there are, the stats don't lie. It appears I was wrong about the city's growth spurt being ready to die down, it kept right on going. In fact, it was actually speeding up. 150,000 people came to the city in 4 years, an average of 37,500 people a year, much more than in previous years. Thing is, absolutely nothing was changed in between pictures, the city is virtually unchanged, yet it continued to grow even faster. I was beginning to see that this was not going to end any time soon.

Fast-forward 14 more years, and we finally reach Hurricane City's centennial picture. Unlike before, this picture shows a very different city, almost nothing looks the same anymore. Perhaps that is because of the 250,000 more people that now live here. The population was at 902,298 people on 1-1-100. The most notable change in this picture besides the huge increase in skyscrapers, is that the island has now been fully zoned and is beginning to develop. There is also no more distinction between the central and north end areas on the mainland, they have finally joined. The southern area still seems seperated and under-developed compared to the rest of the city.

By this point I had come to the realization that the city just was not going to stop, and could only wait for the day that the city would surpass 1 million. And that day was approaching fast.

That day, was June 29, 117. Hurricane City hit a record population of 1,012,546 people, 17 years after the centennial. It was a great day indeed, but also the day I realized that the city was finally slowing down. A little over 100,000 people came to the city in 17 years, a far cry from what it had been. This time, the shortfall was for good. There was definitely no stopping the city from growing, but the days of averaging 30,000 people a year were finally over. From here on the city could only manage about half that amount, which is still nothing to scoff at. However, to step back and realize it only took 117 years to achieve 1 million people, really surprised me. It still does today, I have no idea how it happened. I was far more experienced by now, and had the practice of city-building practically down to an art. Yet still, there is no way I could ever build another city so big so fast. I know now that it was the 67 years of nothing, that actually allowed the 60 years of explosion to happen.

1 million people in 60 years, now that's something.

But anyway, enough about that, that is certainly not the end of the city, though it almost the end of its photographic history. Sadly, there are only two more pictures left...

One of those pictures is this one. This picture was taken at year 308, nearly 200 years later! The city now looks like its current self by this point, in fact, not much has changed between this picture and the current one. The population in this picture is at exactly 1.6 million.

And finally we have the current and final picture taken of Hurricane City. It is now at year 360, with a population of 1.8 million people. This is where the city stands today.

The Future

The future of Hurricane City doesn't look very bright at this point. It is no longer a playable city because my computer can no longer handle its size (well actually the computer can, I just can't handle the slowness). So as of now the city pretty much just sits there, as something to look at in the vast region of Hurricane County. Even that no longer stands out, as pretty much the entire region looks like Hurricane City at this point. If my computer could play the city well, Hurricane City still has tons of potential. Nearly 1/3 of the map is still completely unzoned, and the city itself was still very stable and growing when I left it. I will not delete it, not after coming so far. My ultimate goal always was and still is to hit 2 million, which I do not plan on giving up on yet. Someday the chance will come and I will play the city out, and be able write another final chapter in the pages of the Hurricane City Journal.
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