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Thread: Electrocity

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    Hehe, I just played this game again today for fun. It is quite entertaining on a rainy day. I received a score of 91 on my first city, then decided to play evil. I managed to create a city of 13.4 million. Of course it completely sucked, but it was fun.
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    Yeah, it's been a while, but I played it enough to learn that max pop is impossible to supply within the other parameters, and still keep your score up. Something else always takes a hit.

    But it is fun to see how many you can stuff in there in only 150 turns.

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    Yeah but at least there is the ordinance that denies further growth. Man that would be sweet to have in SimCity!

    I think that's the only way to not have power shortages. You simply have to deny people to move in but by that time your population should make for an A. I think that's the only way to get a straight A as an overall.

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    I got a 76%, but I got 2 A+'s

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