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    Hmm, well the only thing you can do is adapt to the situation. That's what happens in the game and in real life cities as well.

    You have a high demand for manufacturing industry. I can see a dirty industrial zone to the lefternmost mesa. Perhaps upgrade that are to manufacturing. Believe me, it'll only do good for your city. At the same time you will want to make low-density commercial zones for that demand of yours in the commercial sector to drop.

    When residential demand is low, that means that there are enough people living there. Now more jobs need to be created in order to further the population growth, which will occur no matter what because of sims-procreation. The same goes for the opposite, when residential demand is high and commercial and industrial low, is because there are more than enough jobs, but not enough people to fill them. Therefore you have to bring in "da peeps" so they can get to work.

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    Hey guys, I recently started playing SC4 again after having shelved it for a few years and I tried logging on to the official sight but couldn't remember my password but when I filled out the "forgot password" deal I never recieved a response, not even in my SPAM box. The same thing happened with my EA account & i can't register again because my username is in use & my game serial number is in use. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks.

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    They've completely ditched Simcity 4, and I don't even know if the official site for simcity 4 exists anymore :/

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    Alright, I just made a new city in SimCity, but this time I held out on services until necessary, though I'm having a bit of trouble gaining a bigger population, I'm thinking about building more houses, but most of my map is already filled with agriculture.

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    Take farm by farm, one by one gradually while making more residential and a little bit of commercial areas as you build outwards. At the same time, zone out more industry on the other side of the river while checking for traffic flow and all that jazz.

    There's also a possibility to build upwards, but you rather want to build more outwards before building upwards.

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    At what point do you think it would be good for me to start trying to zone more dense residential/commercial on top of the lower density zones?

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    Unless I'm trying to promote farmland or something similar, I always start off zoning at high density. Sims will then decide how densely to pack any given zone. The higher the desirability of the more sims that will move in. The advantage to this is you don't waste money rezoning later. It also eliminates the need to destroy buildings in order to rezone, which adds to rezoning costs.
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    OK, I'm really a newbie here. I'm a mom that has to help a student with a SimCity 4 project for school. There is a huge rubric that he has to work with, but, we'll take it one question at a time. The health of his city has some red zones. Most of the occupants are bright green zones. The coverage of fully funded clinics and hospitals in his city is over 90% (probably closer to 95+%...I'm just underestimating to be safe). And the unhealthy people are right in the middle of a "covered" area. Pollution is pretty low (air and water). What does he do? Why are they unhealthy? This is a very small city in comparison to those that most of you create. And, we aren't allowed to use cheats (just an fyi). I'd appreciate any input. I can give you more info if you need it. His RCI bounces like a pogo stick, too, but that's a question for another day.

    So glad I found you.

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    about my cpu usage

    my cpu usage is high and i heard that i can set it to 1 to keep my comupter from freeezing up

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    I can't get my cities population over twenty thousand (20,000). Can you give any advice?

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