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    Thanks again Ken.

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    I have rush hour expansion pack on my Sim city so I do not know what you can and cannot do. My suggestion is that when you earn a reward you look in the rewards menu and mouse over a reward. It tells you what that reward will do to your neighbourhoods (some of them at least). Build statues and your house and other things the citizens would enjoy inside your residential zones. This not only raises your land value but the demand to live there. This is a two ply effect. You now have limited the bidders for that spot to medium and high wealth people due to land value and now the high wealth may be out bidding. This doesn't always work everywhere. Build small parks and recreational stuff in neighbourhoods. You should look into large commerce sections too. This will help attract some high wealth sims too. Good luck! Hope this helps you at least a little.

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    to get high wealth you have to have water supplied, no matter what other stuff you have

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    Try a park layout and replace all roads with subway (it worked in sc3k).

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    well I see, what I did to attrack the high wealth sims is building a private school near to buildings that are poor or somewhat, then after sometime I see it rising and RCL rising, for high wealth commercial building, build airports, it will brings mor sims that will open more commercial rooms if u have some empty commercial marked places, but I'm facing several things like no jobs for some sims, high costs that income, the advisors will troll you, for example one will say "this place is high traffic so build road rather than streets" and the other will say "sims are angry and want their streets back" !! WTH who I will follow ?!!!

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    Well, I noticed that your tax policy may be hurting you more than it is helping your city, Julionp. The only thing being demanded is agricultural industry, and it seems only the few wealthy residents can cash in on this situation.
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