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    Installation issues with SinCity Societies and the Fix

    Howzit folks

    I recently purchased the SimCity Box, and proceeded to install SimCity Societies. However I encountered a rather strange installation error which goes "Cannot find E:***/AutoRun.bat. Please ensure file exists and is not being used by another process", and the installation wizard closes.
    I encountered the same error when I tried installing the Destinations expansion pack. Suffice to say I was rather ticked off that had bought a legal copy of a game, yet would not load. :mad:
    I have a Dell laptop with Vista installed.

    I managed to get around this by copying the Entire SimCity Societies CD/DVD with installation folders to my Hard Drive, and installed it from there. I did the same for the Destinations expansion pack.

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    I think it might be a scratch on the disc. I had a similar error message coming up when I tried installing it. Apparently I've just wasted my money.

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    I need a help i also have the simcity box and a dell laptop but it run windows xp. Mine installs but when i click the run game button it get the congiration is missedup and to reinstall it and i do and get the smae thing. Do i need to put distions in a sapraet folder that the base game?

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    i have problem with the serial key. i enter the serial key but it cannot intall.
    can anyone help me with the key

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