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    Quote Originally Posted by pyr0mrcow View Post
    Well, I came here looking all over for a solution; the weird part is, I had a different problem due to something I do with all games.
    But my problem could be your solution.

    Excerpt from another site:

    In short, most people install the game in the x86 folder; a lot of the time, this makes the game not work.
    Solution? Put it in regular Program Files, or like I did, your own folder (Program Files X in my case).

    However: Don't be an idiot like me. As far as I can tell, the CD was still trying to launch from the default location, and of course that wasn't working.
    Solution to this new problem: Go to the folder the game is installed in, then 'Apps', and make a desktop shortcut to 'Simcity 4.exe'.

    I hope this helps someone else!
    I'll give that a try and get back to you. Thanks

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    Hi. I found some useful things here before I found my ultimate solution, so I want to give some love back to you.
    If you are trying to play this game on Win7/Win8/etc., you are likely going to be trying to play other, older games as well. I know because I am the same way.

    All my XP games play flawlessly now and here is how I did it in one word: VirtualBox. This virtual machine saved my gaming life (or a big chunk of it anyway) and wasn't too difficult to do.

    Google around for the finer points, but I'll lay out the basic game plan here for you.

    You will need:
    -the internet
    -your XP CD and product key
    -the install disc for your game of choice

    Make it happen!
    -Go download VirtualBox-it's free!
    -Install it and get acquainted
    -Google around for "Installing XP on VirtualBox" or some such for step-by-step guides on how to do it
    -When ready, fire up VirtualBox, pop in your XP CD, and install XP like you normally would
    -Once you've got your XP installed and ready for action, make yourself a backup of your XP image (via VirtualBox. Again, Google around or check VirtualBox directions) before you start installing games and messing around with it. (If things get hinky, you can always just roll back to your freshly installed XP installation)
    -Install all your old games

    Yeah, you can spend frustrating hours trying to make old games work on newer operating systems, but why? Things aren't going to get any easier as technology changes. If you want to play old games, set yourself up with a virtual machine and play them as they were meant to be played. I've spent hours and hours playing the SimCity games on VirtualBox and have not had a single crash or glitch in the Matrix.
    And as a bonus, you aren't locked into full screen mode: say I'm in the midst of building a massive city and want to go check some email or watch that YouTube video for the 10th time? I just pause the game, minimize VirtualBox, and go do it. When I'm ready to get back to the game, just maximize the window and game on.

    Hope this helps--have fun!

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