Hello everyone!

I have some questions about SNES Sim City.

1- How do you go about building industries? Here is why I ask. I had my city up to 320k. The land is seperated by a river in the bottom right 1/4 of the map. In the that small portion I made my industrial district. I had my nuclear power plants, Sea Port, Air Port, and industries. I have park land everywhere adn in between everything.

When the Population reached around 320k, it hit a wall. It would go down 15-20k then go back up. The chief complaint was pollution. I had not a spec of pollution anywhere save for the industrial district. So I destroyed a few congested areas and put park land in place. Pollution came down.

Then...pupulation plummeted to 260k, hasn't budged since. The meter has the yellow bar graph pegged up. I don't get any messages saying I need more industry.

So what do I do. How do I grow my city while keeping pollution down? Is it even possible. Should I just build "X" amount of industries and ignore the bar graph?

2 - How do you keep zones areas from turning into slums or not developing when you're towards the the point of filling up all the land. Seems like the last 15% of the land I put residences on never develop, have power going out and then back on, turn into slums. I don't have brownouts. Same with Commerical areas. They either stay undeveloped or turn into low class. I build them just like I do all the other zones. I build in 3x3 blocks, putting park land or gifts in the center to raise the land value. I also alternate roads with rails to keep traffic and pollution down. It works fine up until I'm the last portion of the map.

300-350k has always been my ceiling. I cannot pass that threshold. I've even let the game play out till near the year 3000. Most it ever reached was 375k but then went back down.