I am having problems getting user-created buildings under the plugins for my Simcity4 Deluxe when I download the building on Firefox (which I normally use) it wont work with that because when I try to download something it says "The SimCity 4 Lot Teleporter requires Internet Explorer" so I tried IE and it came up that "Unable to create the folder * user\documents\SimCity4\Plugins\filelist.txt" so do anyone know how I can get my user-mod buildings?

I am running win7 but that shouldn't stop me form being able to download user-mods would it? The game has a few glitches like traffic not showing up and when I go to place a "zone" I don't see the outline just the streets that it automatically makes. Do anyone know how I could it to work fully under win7?

I have downloaded and installed the patch from the website.