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    Question about placement and effect of many structures

    Here's the question: Is there any "good" location for a lot of structures that don't have a radius displayed? (especially all the various rewards and other buildings you unlock)

    For example, the Disease Research Center. Will it function the same whether its in the center of the city, isolated in some mountain, in the middle of a huge section of dirty industry, etc?

    Same for others, like Radio Station, Farmer's Market, University, and pretty much other thing, including non-rewards like City College and Museum.

    Secondly, exactly what effect do the following things have:
    -Radio/TV Station (minor boost to C? Only certain types?)
    -Farmer's Market (boost to I-Ag, useless if no I-Ag in city?)
    -State Fair (bigger boost to I-Ag?)
    -House of Worship+Cemetary?
    -Private Schools (do they actually function like a "free" school for your city?)

    and so on.

    Also, it's obvious the toxic waste dump is negative to the surrounding area (since it falls under Radiation), but does the Army Base, Federal Prison, and Missile Range have any negative effects? Besides the missiles randomly hitting your city, that is.

    Thanks in advance for answers.
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    Well, you wouldn't want any of the bad rewards in your city anyways, and I never ever have them. I am not sure about how the location of the radius-free rewards affect the city if they are placed in different locations. I think they do, but I don't know either, so I guess I'm asking the same question here.

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    I keep my bad rewards in a secluded section of the landscape, generally with their own power and water supplies and only enough road access as needed for the workers.

    Army Base has a small patch of radiation and I think there's a risk of something happening in front of it that will demolish it and the surrounding structures (it's been happening to me every time I place it, anyway).

    Area 5.1 emits radiation...

    I would imagine that the Federal Prison and the Missile Range lower public opinion in the surrounding areas.

    But because the radius-free improvements are radius-free, I would imagine that placement has little effect.

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    Another question:

    Can I put in highway cloverleafs that only use 3 of the 4 exits without it impacting the performance? I'm in need of many t-junctions, but few actual 4-way intersections.
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    It's my site. Our focus is on videogames in general,
    but you can talk about anything there. Put Lancet Jades as your referrer!

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    Why not just use the T-intersections? Or do they not exist in the original Simcity 4? Because they do in Rush Hour ^^

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