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    trees opposed to parks

    I know parks are better, obviously, but how much better??? I mean as far as raising land value, desirability and with pollution/crime?

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    Sorry for the bump. But I felt this question needed to be answered.

    By "how much better", do you mean how much better are parks than trees? Because from what I've noticed from playing SimCity 4 for years is that parks do indeed assist the community (or at least the immediate areas surrounding one) in increasing desirability & land value and slightly lowering pollution. I've tried planting trees as well, but to be honest, they don't work as well as parks do. What I usually do with trees, not saying this is a good practice or not, is place them in Open Grass Areas. This does actually seem to be a good combination, or at least from what I've observed.

    It also depends on the size of the park you wish to place in said area. If you are placing a Small Park Green in an area (which I'm guessing is the most common practice by most players), the affect it will have will be less than that of a Medium to a Large Park Green. This means the value and desirability of the area of land immediately surrounding the said park will be smaller than the larger parks. Trees, however, seem to go one step smaller than a Small Park Green. And, of course, it depends on how many trees you plant.

    You mentioned if they helped with crime as well. Actually, parks don't seem to do anything for that, I'm afraid. But I don't recall ever checking the crime of any of my cities and seeing anything in the parks. That said, I may be wrong.

    I hope this answered your question.

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    I've found that parks/community gifts will cause people to want to move into the neighborhood if you have some zones that aren't developing (so in that sense it increases desirability). There comes a point when it's desirable everywhere around your city and you don't need anymore parks - but you may want them in a design as tennis courts look next to expensive houses and playgrounds go next to schools, ballparks next to high schools....and so on. Key Tip with parks in big cities...the sims would like you to place parks where there are large amounts of pedestrian traffic. You can find this by user the query tool or going to traffic then volume and switching to pedestrian volume. I've had my green bar shoot up because of key placements of parks in developing cities - they have to be where people can use them, right? Pedestrians = put a park down.

    I maintain that an open grass area with trees planted on the grass is the best thing for air pollution - which is important to Land Value and desirability. Groves of trees without green spaces are good for pollution too - but they don't increase the land value of an's the grass with the trees that gives you both a pollution deterrent and a land value increase. Trees are also great for buffering freeways - the pollution and the noise. People also often complain that when they zone industry in large blocked squares that the middle zones do not develop and have the car symbol on them because they aren't close enough to the road. I say de-zone those spots and pave over them with green space and plant your industry pollution lower. look at the trees I did for this freeway system Notice the pollution retreating from the trees in this picture.

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