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    Thumbs up Builder has been promoted to Senior Advisor

    In recognition of Builder's dedication to SimCity Forum, I have decided to promote him to Senior Advisor. This title doesn't come with any extra benefits or responsibilities, it just comes with a new badge.

    Builder, thank you for faithfully providing so much advise on these forums.
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    No problem Ken. I always like to pop in on this forum to see if there's anyone needing some help, and if I can help I try my best to do so

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    Congrats, builder!

    I keep thinking I'll be active again, but I'm just not enough into Simcity. Although I finally got a better desktop setup, so maybe I'll dive back into SC4, and see how it goes.
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    I just started playing simcity again about two weeks ago after a several months long break. Those happen completely when I don't expect them to come, but in the past two weeks or so I've built up this region a lot faster than I had expected :P

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    Congrats, Builder! That's quite some achievement you pulled there. I've been here longer, and yet...alas! Even I have not reached that much coveted title!

    Yeah...I'm just the oldest senior resident around! YEAH! ::
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    Aww damn, we should bring back more of the senior folks and liven up this place a bit more!

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    Man...when we get together, stuff happens! ::

    And by stuff, I mean break-dancing.
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    Everyone, break into dance!!

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