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Thread: Tutorial Reset?

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    Tutorial Reset?


    Is there a way to reset the Tutorials so I can play through them again?

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    Sorry mate, no answer - but I echo the question.
    For me, the experience was *awful*, I start the game, the tutorial takes ten minutes to prep up, and then as soon as it starts the 'servers are not available' and I'm popped out to the main screen ...
    ... where doing the tutorial is no longer an option.
    I'd like to start with the tutorial, and can see no obvious way to re-set it, so I echo sanityxintact's question - although my sanity is not really intact - the mind-boggling design decisions around the social/server/DRM aspects of this game .. well, it'd challenge anyone's sanity. Another example of stupid decision-making at work - the priority is obviously not the entertainment of the gaming community, but rather enforcing and harvesting the paying customer. See ? Sanity eroding .. want to play game .. can't play game ..
    ... why do I even care about re-setting the tutorial if the base game won't work ? Because I'm *INSANE*

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