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    simcity official site no more??!!

    i tried to go to and it forwarded me to the simcity Facebook page..

    i just need basic updates and some of the landmarks they offer...

    how do i get all the official Simcity 4 rush hour EA downloads?

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    Yeah it's completely gone. They have the simcity societies website now instead of the old simcity 4 page as far as I know.

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    You can actually get your updates to Sim City 4 (and the Deluxe Version) from here. I'm not sure about the landmark downloads, but you could try googling it. Hope this helps!

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    It says its down for maintenance. Such a big site takes long time to maintain and fix...

    99% of teens would cry if Facebook broke down. If you are the 1% who wouldn't care, copy and paste this into your signature.

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