When I click on the CD, it opens to the main menu. I click on Proceed, and then Install, and then nothing. I have clicked on the other options, and they do the same thing.

I know it isnt the CDs fault, I installed the game on my step dads computer after trying on mine for a while. We have the same computer, Windows XP 32 bit SP3. Mine has the better processor, cards, etc.

It makes a different sound when I click on the OK button, as well. Its a negative sounding beep. I couldnt find the sound on youtube.

If you know why my computer does this (it always has(keygens, etc.)), please help me find out so I can experience the awesome that is Sim City once again.

TL;DR - I cant install Sim City 2000 on my Windows PC from a CD; it will install on a very similar PC. Can you help me figure out why. Ask anything and Ill tell you