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    Yes you can get SimCity on your Android Device!

    Yes my friends there is a SimCity Deluxe for your Android. Apparently, it is based on SimCity 3000. I haven't tried it yet, but probably will in the near future.

    There are two versions of it that are identically named. Apparently each version supports different Android devices.

    You may have to check both to see if they will work with your device. Oddly, they are also priced slightly differently.

    Apparently works on:
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Apparently works on:
    • Unknown at this time

    Neither version work on my Samsung Galaxy S2. If you check them out, and find you can download either of them for your mobile device, please tell me what your device is and which version you could install so that I can update the list above.
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    I've heard and seen on youtube that they have SC for the Ipod Touch, and its based on SC4...

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    i use to have a andriod but i switch to blackberry, can you get simcity on blackberry now? i haven't been able to find it, that's why

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    Excellent! I want to try!

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    Good idea!

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    I've been playing SimCity on my android phone for quite a while now. It's fun and I really liked it. Lately though, I experienced some lags on the game. Sometimes my game crashes on my phone.

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    Simcity is gr8

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