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    How to build a port ??

    If I start new region, there are 2 styles of region can be chosen; land, and water.

    If I choose land, the whold region will have no water. And if I choose water, the whole region will have no land.

    So I choose land, and I can't see how can I build a port.

    Or I have to dig the land down until I found water ??

    If I do that, I found out it will drain money more than 100k to dig a part of land into sea.

    Please help me, I am designing a new town

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    When you first click on a city to develop it, DON'T click on the incorporate city button, instead use the 'God Mode' tools (far left button I believe) to terraform the land. Once the landscape is sculpted, then incorporate the city, this way you don't have to pay for it. Hope this is clear for you, if not just ask.
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