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    Lightbulb The NAM

    Hello guys!

    I was wondering how many of you are using the NAM (stands for Network Addon Modd) or are familiar with it? If you're not, then you should definitively check it out, read a little about it on, which is the main site you can download the modd from, and the other additional files.

    I find the NAM, and what the NAM-team have done to be very beneficial for the game. I know, this sounds just like advertisement for NAM, but I will go into some details. For example, the NAM makes it easier for your sims to move around on foot in your city, in order for them not to use the car as often as they would before. I believe they've also improved on the pathfinding-AI. Transportation is also expanded upon, meaning you have more options to go for. Have you always wanted to make an extra-high monorail? Or perhaps make your own custom in-game freeway?

    So, what does everyone think of the NAM? I just created this thread to make more people aware of it, as I feel it has improved the game for me, streamlining it more. I'm European, I find using your car to go everywhere is strange :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Builder
    I'm European, I find using your car to go everywhere is strange :P
    What a weirdo!

    Okay, joking aside, I still have not tried the NAM, after so many years of hearing about it. I've always been kind of a purist, not 'tainting' the game with unnecessary mods and such, but lately my views about that have been changing. One of the games that has dragged my attention from SimCity recently is OpenTTD (If you haven't heard of it you should look it up ).

    Anyway, the entire game is built by fans, so only what people really want is added to the game, and a big part of that is creating new content through NewGRFs (mods). As a result it has at least partially broken me from sticking with vanilla to really experience what other people find to be fun additions to a game. So, even though I normally shy away from major changes such as this, I feel like I can actually stand to try it now

    This weekend (time pending), I will give it a try and see exactly what I've been missing out on
    Whatever you do, don't click this link!!

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    I will google it now and see what it's about!

    And yeah, you should at least try it, there's no harm to that. If you want to uninstall it, the uninstall process is very simple and clean, so you won't have big problems with that!

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