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    Unhappy Installed and hit play - nothing happens :/

    I'm just about ready to pull my hair out. I've searched around for hours and am finally giving in to asking for help.

    I have Simcity 4. Installed with cd's and no problems noted during the install.

    When i go to hit play after inserting the CD, the CD drive winds up and nothing happens! I click on the shortcut and nothing happens as well. If someone knows what this is a sign of, please please, PLEASE help a brother out!



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    I've only had this problem if I launch the game multiple times in one day. Sometimes, restarting the computer might help, but I think it might be a bug within the game, and if that's the case then I don't know how to help. Maybe there's a modd or something that fixes that, but I haven't come across any that do.

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    This could be a path error; I installed mine in 'Program Files X', and it only worked the first time when I was trying to launch from disc, which I guess could be explained by it having the information ready due to launching directly from the installer.

    Try going to where the game is installed, then 'Apps', and make a desktop shortcut to 'Simcity 4.exe'.
    ...if that doesn't work...I dunno.

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