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    Sorry to Hear That

    Quote Originally Posted by hahaha
    Here are some images of Begining; the city I've lost.
    Hahaha, you had quite a city going on there. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that you lost it. I've had something like that happen to me before. :\

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    yer my highest is around 120,000, mostly commercial jobs

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    I usually get around 300-400 thousand. I don't want it to get much bigger, because then my computer decides it's too much work and just closes the program.

    Lazy lazy dell.

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    Yay new record for me i got around the 200 thousand mark

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    i have a med size city with population over 600 with one commercial landmark (a rarely seen building in any of my cities) at the centre

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    i have a tips to get a sudden population increase (without cheat).

    --> Turn down the power supply and change the speed to Cheetah, leave it black-out for a while, and replace the power engines....wait for a while and BOOM...there up your population.

    It may works in your city as it always worked in mine. with a condition your city is connected to few other cities.

    i had a med size city population doubled from 200K to 400K instant!

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    btw, my highest is 600K (without doing my previous tip)

    ...and i'll continue to develop it.... to 1 million +++... !!! hehe i wish...

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    On a large map, the highest I have is 720,000 with plenty of room left. Computer is too slow for this city so I haven't been working on it for a while. On a medium, the highest I have is 550,000. No room on that one. On a small, I think the best one is 180,000.

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    the largest city i have right now is Asidasa with ~65 000 sims.
    the largest city i have had in the past was Cornellius with ~1 530 000 sims. after reinstall i decided the best cities were the small ones
    Asidasa is on a large map that is covered by ~75% water

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    Skyscrapers population

    How much population 2 get sckscrapers:confused: From chaseR
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