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    power deals and power plant overloads

    I accepted a deal to send excess power from my grid to a neighbor; the neighbor insisted on taking all of my excess power, so my power plant was under strain, then apparently my utilities advisor automatically ended the deal so the power plant wouldn't explode. This then caused the neighbor to penalize me for the deal being broken, followed by a re-issue ( by the neighbor ) of the deal request.

    I then took a loan to add a power plant, hoping I could then have a reserve; all this did was cause the neighbor's next request to ask for more power, soaking up all of what my new plant produces.

    How do I avoid these consequences?

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    Build a power plant close to the edge of the map towards the neighbour, and connect it (and it alone!) to your nabour.
    If they ask for more, build another right by.

    This way you'll make money but do not jeopardize your own supply.

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