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Thread: The Sims games

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    The Sims games

    I really enjoy these games, but I haven't even tried to play them on my new computer because my old computer crashed while playing a Sims game. This left me with everything gone on that computer, including financial records.
    I bought "The Sims, Deluxe Edition" today for 20 bucks, and I am a little sceptical playing it. I wanted to know first if anyone has encountered any problems with the game before I started playing in the risk of my new computer crashing like the old one did.


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    I've never had a problem with the Sims. What happened to you was probably a disasterous fluke. I would put my important things onto CD if possible though.

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    I enjoy the Sims games as well. My favorite is The Sims 2, but I haven't been able to play it much. I might get the expansion Nightlife, but I've got a lot to play in The Sims 2 first.

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    i think it's , did you buy the disc?

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    The Sims 2 is pretty good...however once you play it and discover all of its secrets, it starts to gget a little boring, but I enjoy them overall. Maybe once they get more expansions out they will get more exciting.

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