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    Simcity 3000 & Windows 7 64bit game wont start up

    Hi i hope someone can help me, i have an original copy of Simcity 3000 from when it was first released and i'm trying to run it on windows 7 (home premium sp1) 64bit so far the game has installed on to my laptop with no problems but that's where my problems start when i go to start up the game nothing happens i have tried running it as administrator i tried running it in the recommended compatibility mode (xp sp2) and all earlier compatibility modes but nothing happens and just says incompatible application when it finds additional problems after running compatibility mode i don't know what else to do to make it work
    i downloaded what ended up being just a demo and that works perfectly i just wish i could get the full game to work

    any help appreciated

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    Hello. I just registered as I'm seeking the same answers. I have done alot to make simcity work but no luck.
    If anyone got any ideas how to make it work, please reply asap.
    (I have the SimCity 3000 UK Edition).

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