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    Municipal Airport

    Anyone else think this is the most useless way to waste money. I would believe it is suppose to help you bring in people but only 100 a day for a cost of $500. Not worth it. Unless I am doing something wrong. My train depot and large bus station brings in 4000 people a day. What are you guys experiencing with the Airport?

    Thanks Jake

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    I built a municipal airport once, and that was just to gain access to the police and fire helicopter. From what I could tell, that was it's only good use. It was shipping freight as well, but my industry was still claiming there was nowhere to ship freight. EA and Maxis still have quite a few bugs to work out in my opinion.

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    Hi all,
    Though I can imagine there can be some technical improvements that still need to be made, I was wondering if you could check the following; what does the entrance of your city look like? In my city (Building Arcology now, by the way) the entrance is clogged. If this is the case in your situation, it might be that many tourists arrive at the airport but cannot enter the city due to traffic problems.

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