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    Commercial zones help

    First of all, hi to everyone and apologies if this thread already exists.
    My problem is with building businesses. I set up a commercial zone and provide it with a fire station, police station, power, parks, etc, etc but I still can't get those zones to be built. In cca 30 zones, only 5 turn into a building. I've had that problem before, but then 25 out of 30 would be built and now I'm losing population because of this.
    And an offtopic question: It took me more than usual to get the casino. Does anyone know the criteria to get one?

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    You don`t have to worry about commercial early on, as it comes with time when you have built enough residence and industry in the area. Usually, farms and dirty industry comes first for jobs, then slowly but steadily commercial ones. However, do have some commercial at the get go because it helps demand for industry as well.

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    As for the casino, you might just make a nice monorail system, and a monorail mission pop-ups, accept it, if you accomplish you will get a casino.

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