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    I can only remember the large map in SC3, which had a population of about 1.5 million, and it was 75% filled up... before my then laptop crashed.

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    Please cut me some slack as I'm not even in my teens, my highest city is 53 000 with my highest building being 12 stories

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    My biggest city was 1.6 million on a large map, using only the NAM mod, (which allows for more options with transportation, such as 45 degree highway intersections, etc.). I have a city at 4.4 million using the CAM and RHW mods. CAM allows for larger skyscrapers to build, while RHW is a custom highway mod, which allows for 10 lane highways and custom onramps. I'm also using modular airport and seaport mods, which allow me to build full scale airports and seaports that modify entire shorelines. Neither of these mods change demand or anything else, they're simply for cosmetic purposes. My primary airport has 8 terminals (7 passenger, 1 cargo) and the primary runways conform to the actual length runways need to be to land 747 airplanes. The airport takes up almost half of a large map.

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    The airport takes up almost half of a large map.
    In the same city with 4.4 million people!? That's an awful lot of people on half a large map. That's also a huge airport...

    I've now managed 2,322,000 on a large map, though I still have 25% of the map to build just never ends. Might need a huge airport like that to take up some space
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    Haha no. They're in separate cities. I don't think I could pack that many people into half a large map. Now that I've read my last post, I can see that I forgot to mention they're in different cities but in the same region. The airport city is separated from the hub city by 2 medium sized cities. I use airport trams to serve as airports in the hub city.

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    The biggest city I have ever made on SimCity Societies had about 24,085 residents. I managed that beause I chose the "Freeplay" mode where I have unlimited Simoleons, all of the buildings are unlocked, and I can build whatever I want and would like to build.

    All of the PC games that I play include The Sims 2 Pets, SimCity Societies, & SimCity 4: DELUXE EDITION.

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    Cut me slack, I'm 11. My biggest SimCity Societies city has 43,126 people in it. SimCity 4 biggest city HAD 45,009 people. SimCity 2000 had 125,690 sims. And lastly, 3000. It had 1,459,320 sims in it.
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