Hello everyone, the post below was originally posted on another SimCity forum, but so far we have not come to any conclusions. Any ideas are appreciated.
I've got my little region running smoothly, every zone is operating according to plan, and every zone is making money. But a problem has developed....I can only seem to get my educated sims to demand IHT, while CO $$ and $$$ demand remain negative in every zone. More details below:

My game is fully patched and running the current version of NAM
Region: Fairview
Pop: about 450k
Land Usage: about 50%
I've tried moving CO jobs closer to residents, no change.
In CO certain zones, I also have the Stock Exchange and Convention Center awards among others, still negative demand.
All areas show high desirability for CO
CO taxes are 9% (every tax rate in the region is either 9 or 20 percent based on what I want to be there)

On the surface, it would seem that I should just continue to "build out", making more and more industrial zones to satisfy this demand. My problem with it though is that IHT is not a very dense industry in terms of jobs (maybe 100-200 tops per building, while CO can offer thousands of jobs per building), eventually, I'll end up in the same position, with my land maxed out and still a demand for IHT. Is there a way to "convert" all this IHT to CO demand? I was under the impression that the requirements for sims to demand these job types was "education". So if they are demanding IHT, would they not also demand CO (either $$ or $$$)?

Any ideas?