In a recently started game of SimCity, I built a new community in which I succeeded in bringing the population up to around 560,000 residents. This was done on a large tile. I subsequently added the CAM and NAM mods, as well as a lot developed by SimGoober which radically decreases air pollution within a 50 tile area. However, I have noticed that, randomly, my population has begun to decline. Health and education are at maximum funding, safety, environment, and traffic ratings are high. A significant amount of high-tech industry and commercial development is present. There are highway connections to three cities, two of which are heavily industrialized to serve as job supports, and one which, which has a population of around 100.hanks to NAM, there is minimal congestion, and thanks to CAM, there are no demand caps. Taxes are at the standard 9% set by the game. Power and water capacity is fine. I cannot understand why population is declining. The only displeasing aspect of my city is its land value, which the City Opinion Polls placed directly in the middle. I cannot understand why my population is declining.

My game is has the latest update.

I noted that the only high wealth demand comes from the industry section, from tech. Residential and commercial RCI are negative, yet the medium and low wealth are through the roof. So I don't think its a lack of low to medium wealth job availability issue.

Can anyone tell me what the issue is?