I have recently run into a problem with SimCity. My city of 560,000 in a newly created region began to lose population. I was unsure of the problem, and addressed multiple issues. I added a STEX mod which decreased pollution. As of now, safety, health, education, environment, and traffic are all nearly solid green. Only land value is at a bad level. It is in the middle. However, demand into the city is remarkably high. The game is on the latest update, I have both NAM and CAM installed, so I know its not demand cap problems or commute time issues. Even without CAM, I have plenty of parks as well as rewards, so I wouldn't see why there would be a problem. I looked up various threads regarding similar issues, most attributed to demand caps, which I have shown to not be an issue. Some, however, discussed the possibility of regional population being an issue. Seeing as the region in which this city was built had only this city and a supporting industrial center with minimal population, I added a couple more urban centers. Yet the issue has not improved. Demand is still extremely high, and seeing as I have a nearly perfect city, desirability is also high. Why is my city losing population?