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    sim city 4 on win 8

    I recently came back to playing this game, which I always loved.
    Worked fine on win 7 and xp. Now of course I have new pc with win 8 as OS.
    It installs fine, no problem. The problem being it does not install exe file or
    desktop icon(because there is no .exe. I've tried reinstalling but that does not work.I can get it to run only by accessing through the disc itself. Tried to get
    it to run in compatibility mode, but without .exe file the app does not exist. I've
    read enough to know there is .exe problem with other OS versions, and that patches are available. Not sure if any of these would work for win 8 , but which should I try? Btw I can get the game to run and play for short period of time before it stops working and crashes. thx for any help.

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    Does your PC meet the required requirements for running Windows 8? I play Sim City 4 on my laptop with Windows 8 and it works fine. Why not stick to Windows 7 instead? I think I preferred it than 8.
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    I also play Sim city on my windows 8 laptop and it is running fine. Try again by uninstalling and than re-installing the game. May be it will work.

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