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    City has completely stopped recycling?

    So I ran into an interesting issue this morning and I thought I'd check here to make sure it's not some deeper booboo in my city I'm running into.

    I have a ~130k size city, about 4.1/5 education level, and it has been producing more recycling than I can handle. Until just now. Now, I see absolutely no recycling available on my trash data layer (no green bars). However, when I check my waste adviser, he's claiming there's about 4000 uncollected recycling bins each day. I shut off my recycling center since there was nothing to be picked up, and figured more would accumulate. No luck there.

    At first I checked to see that there was no major brain drain in my city, but no, all my sims are still quite educated, and many are high wealth. However, recycling production has just completely fallen off. Trash on the other hand, has gone completely berserk.

    To reiterate, this is a problem with my city, not my recycling plant. It's happily idle since there technically isn't anything to be picked up in my city.

    Do highly educated, high wealth sims just not recycle at all? Or is this a bug?
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    That seems disappointing. As the population of the world increases recycling is becoming increasingly more important. But, the sad thing is, fraudsters have ways to scam the recycling system. In some states, wherein container deposit reimbursements are being offered, there is concern over recycling fraud.

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    I'm not sure either. I am having this issue at the moment and I thought that this is some sort of bug too. My sims have high education levels as well but it seems they can't do some recycling.

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    In my means you need to aware people to recycling. Create an event of recycling and invite peoples, prove them the power of recycling and also tell them the bad effect or e-waste on environment.

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