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    Simcity 2K, why I am still paying a bond, it should be paid off

    I started the city with the hard option with a 10K bond with a 3% interest rate in 1900.Tell me, is it per payment the 3% is added to EACH payment or is it 3% for the bond total. Or, is the 300 a payment with interest already?

    When will this bond be totally paid off? I'm in 1988 and STILL paying $300 dollars each year!

    Edit: I tried cheating and added a million dollars to my budget with the imacheat code. If I click repay bond, I will repay the bond and it will be done. But, I don't want to cheat. The loan should be $10,300 total with interest, correct? So, it should take only 35 years to pay off.

    $300 is the interest payment, but I pay it every year, ad infinitum, it never ends. What exactly am I paying for 300 a year if it's not a loan payment? Why does only paying it in full work? even if the interest was every month, 3% of 300 is 330, it should be far payed off in 1988.
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    Found out this is the way it's supposed to work. I don't think bonds work like this in real life, though. You can paying the interest until the bond is paid back in one lump sum.

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