I just bought SimCity box edition, It comes with simcity4 deluxe(2disc) , societies, rush hour,destination, snapcity.

I installed SimCity 4 deluxe edition, installation continued with second cd. After finished, it asked to insert "play disc" and restart.

When I insert disc 1 and click play on autoplay , it still ask me to insert play disc.
I tried disc1 , disc, tried to start from both autoplay and programs menu, even I unistalled and reinstalled. No mater what I do it ask for play disc. seems like it cant see original disc as play disc. Discs are clean , original. Disck players led blinks when it reads. I installed SimCity societies from disc3 and I can play it with no problem .
I googled and saw many posts on difrent forums about this problem but no solution. Any help?