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    How Build City on water?

    1. Start new city
    2. Make cheat (terrain ten up) and repeat to maximum (warning, if you built, your building will disapear)
    3. rise terrain to maximum
    4. level terrain everywhere on the terrain.
    5. make earthquack disaster (if not make crack in the ground, repeat earthquack)
    Name:  Atlentical-Jan. 15, 2000-25754.jpg
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    6. Build your city and forest (all building and road must be a little away from the crack but not too)
    Name:  Atlentical-Jan. 15, 2000-25791.jpg
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    7. turn the camera to South (N in down on the map of your city)
    8. Level terrain on a square of the crack (if not possible, enter cheat "i am weak")
    Name:  Atlentical-Jan. 15, 2000-25804.jpg
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    9. save and load city.
    Name:  Atlentical-Jan. 15, 2000-25827.jpg
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    Please write, did you find answer for this question?

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    Please write did you find answer for this question? I want to build city on water too!

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    wow city on the water

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