I just started to play sim city cot and here come my first questions which are related to transportations:
tourists (=shoppers?)
1.) The game says that a municipal airports and ferry terminals would bring tourists to my city. Is the amount of those tourists somehow related to the population of the region/other cities/the amount of other municipal airports or ferry terminals in other cities within the region?
If the answer is yes, it would be not recommendable to make a tourist city in a region where no other cities exist, right?
Also if the answer is yes, can they also bring tourists from another city-cluster in the region (another great-works-group)?
2.) Apart from the highway, commuters can come to your city by train, ferry or by airship. Does a city, which sends these commuters, also have to have a ferry terminal, airship or train station? In my recent region, I had 2 cities which were only connected by railway and the had students commuting although the one city did not have a train station.
tourists from the great works (space center and international airport)
3.) How do these actually come to my city? Just by highway or also by train/ferry/mun. airport?

Thank you in advance!​