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    simcity 4 deluxe doesn't launch

    I have simcity 4 deluxe edition for years now and it has always worked.
    But today I ran it a administrator and after he asked permission for running and I said yes, he did nothing at all.
    how can I fix that?
    by the way I'm not using a downloaded version, but I use the original cd

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    I have the exact same problem. 4 years ago I got The SimCity Box and it always worked. Although I had to force it open by starting with disk one to get the launch menu and than switching to disk two. Other than that it always worked. Then I got a virus and I had to wipe my hard drive. Tonight I tried to reinstall it to get my NAM on. I tried running it multiple times, and every time I have tried to run it it just will not launch. I tried the trick I used many a year ago and it still did not work. Ive tried running in compatibility mode for Win XP and even Win 98, running as an administrator, nothing seems to work.

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