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    I own it >_>...

    But wtf is inadethinger?

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    Idk. Ohh, you own the game? Lets play 1 v 1 then, if you own it...

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    When would you wanna play it? I still have to install it then tho...

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    Ohh. Well, it also depends if EA still have their servers open, because you do know that everyone's pissed off at EA for not supporting their games.

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    True that...I went to go play Madden 06 a while back on my 360 and it wasn't supported anymore.

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    Yeah, so there goes that chance, and I am NOT keen on downloading anything right now.

    I'm also too lazy to use the italic style words instead of capital words. Ohh, lazy me

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    I can still install it man I got no problem with that. I don't know if EA is still supporting it though. o_O

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    That's the problem. I am 99% sure that they aren't.

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    Well try and set up a game with someone and see what happens.

    It's retarded on how they stop supporting games when a new one comes what if I wanna play Command and Conquer Red Alert (THE FIRST ONE)?

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    I know. That is why so many poeple hate EA. I mean, look at Blizzard for example. They are still supporting old games like Starcraft. They make like 15 patches for each game just so that players can enjoy a seamlesss almost-perfect balanced game for years to come.

    Whhat does EA do? Thet ditch the game and many gamers for a new one which has better graphics and stuff. I don't care about graphics man! Damn. You feel me?

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