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    What's the best grid layout strategy for each zone?

    In the beginning, I quickly adopted a strategy of laying out my residential and comercial in a "super block" configuration. By this I mean that my blocks are nine grids by nine grids (81 grids total). The center nine grids or as I refer to as the dead block was used for hospitals, schools, police stations, fire stations, gifts, parks, etc. My goal is to maximize the density of my cities. My industrial zones are set up to be 8 grids deep and however long I feel like making them (usually I try to line them up with the transportation routes from other cities.

    My question is, what grid layout strategy do others use? What is the most efficient strategy in your opinion?
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    Grids aren't always the best, try having main arterial roading with long culdesacs coming off them. Then in a tessellating pattern of 3x3 residential areas in 4's, add one small park to adjoin 3 or 4 connecting residential tessellations. You will be able to have a main road culdesac off the avenue, followed by a street culdesac coming off that (or oneway) to finish (culdesac meaning finishing in a roundabout or blunted deadend). This is a time consuming pattern, but is worth it if done with care.

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