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    Sup mate. Yeah, simcity can be a nice kicked-back relaxing game, just don't let it swallow up your entire work-time, hehe

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    Wouldn't take it to work. I'd probably end up having to share it. lol

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    Hey, im Will, been playing Simcity titles since Simcity 3000 or 2000, cant remember! I still love Simcity 4, first got it back in 03/04 I think. I also play just normal Sims (Sims 3 mainly)

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    Hi there! Just joined after looking up strategies and advice for building cities. Just got Sim City 4 through Steam after losing my original disks. Started with the game on our old 286 with the first Sim City as I was growing up and have been playing through each game since!

    This game, along with Civ V are both key reasons in why my productivity has dropped.

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    Wow, sounds like you're a true Simcity veteran!

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    Hello people!
    I've been here for hmm... 2 months or the like.
    Ive played all simcity games.
    Oh yeah! I know korean.

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    I am Jourei.
    I used to play a lot of SC4, and Sims'.
    Not so much today as I'm mainly playing BF3 and indie-games atm..

    I'm eager to see how SimCity 5 will turn out!

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    hi im new i played the original sim city igot it from an event for gaming and you got it before entering the event so i played it at home and i loved it ans that's whasparked my love for the sim city franchise i have only play the original sim city so yeah hi guys (and girls )

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    Hi scf members, I am Sim_City_Fan and I have played Sim City since Sim City:3000, Currently have Sim City 4 and the new Sim City (2013), but I like to call it Sim City 5 and I'm called d_eaketts on Origin so look me up if you want to.

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    Welcome Sim_City_Fan!
    Whatever you do, don't click this link!!

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