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    Hey Everyone...

    Hi to all other members of this forum...

    Here is just a little bit about me and the 'Sims' games i enjoy.
    I've pretty much loved all 'Sim' games I have ever purchased. I especially liked the original 'Sims', the 'Sims 2', Sim City 3000, and most recently, Sim City 4. I myself live in Melbourne, Australia and regularly visit the USA.
    I'm currently having some difficulties with Sim City 4, co I hope that this forum can help!

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    Hi I'm new here. I play simcity classic on SNES with the actual system and cartridge.

    However, it seems that my posts do not show up so, let's see if this works.

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    Hello Thorvin!

    I think SimCity SNES is the probably the best of all the games, and it was the first SimCity game I ever had. That's you still have it, it's really fun.

    Glad to have you here.
    Whatever you do, don't click this link!!

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    Thanks for the welcome !
    Yeah, that game is , it actualy is the first videogame I ever owned. However, at the time I was like 9 and didn't fully grasp it. I kept playing for a couple years, never being able to get past 250000-300000ish numbers.
    I have been collecting snes cartridges for the last few years so after getting throught the classics (FFIII, Super metroid, Zelda, Chrono Trigger and the likes) I got back to simcity, with the strong intention to finaly build a megalopolis. And I did so on my 1st try, using only the million dollar cheat.

    I am now attempting to do the same without it. I guess I'll post about that in the future. What worked for me and what did not. I'm testing a few city design patterns that are unheard of on the Internet. So either I'll give some my name or they just s**k !!

    So I guess I'll see you around

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    Hello, my name is Lachlan and I live in Brisbane, Australia. We are currently in a drought here, so water restrictions are tough (people say its worse than it is- we live in a sub tropical climate and have water issues, when other countries that are in deserts survive well, which doesn't make sense) and the main cause is now lack of water, but the Governments lack of infrastructure being built between 1980's and the 2000's. (A lot of projects are being constructed and planned (transit, water, urban villages ect.) and are due to be completed by 2010-ish).

    Anyway, back to me.
    I am 15 and was born in Feb 1992, I can speak 3 languages (English, French and German)
    I have SimCity 4 at home, I have been playing it since Feb 2005, and I got the rushhour extension in July 2005 (Rush Hour wasn't avaliable, so I had to buy the full Deluxe Version. I still have the original CD's at home, I have them as backups). I have had some success lately in making cities, but I find it easier to *cough* cheat *cough* and I have also downloaded a few addons from various simcity sites (official sim city website, simtropolis ect.).

    Thats pretty much it, I look forward to posting on this forum!
    (I think I may have put too many replies to a certain topic- I thought the message hadn't showed up so I reposted the reply, but it didn't come up, so its probably in moderation queue).

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    im mary

    I have played sim city when it first came out on nintendo. I have played sim city 3000 and have been playing sim city 4 deluxe.

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    i am ewen but people call me ewon.
    i play a lot of soccer and i think sim city is awesome::

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    Thumbs up ewon again

    i also play lacrosse and i have the sim city original,3000,3000 unlimited and sim city 4 games

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    Hey ewon, welcome to the forum! I have several friends that play lacrosse too. Hope you enjoy it here!
    Sim City 4 rox my sox!

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    Whoops I missed this. My name is Donovan. I like Simcity 4 and long walks on the beach.

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