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    Have any other users gotten the batpatch to work yet??

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    Angry umm anyone know what this means

    i try loading BAT for SC3K and it says Unknown Exception what can i do to fix it :mad:

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    umm whats unknown exception mean it comes up when im loading BAT

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    I don't have my CD case any more (accident), so I can't register in SC4. Can I get the B.A.T some where ells ?
    Pleas if u could help I would be thank full.

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    Question SC3K BAT Question.

    I seem to be having trouble saving buildings within the BAT program itself. When I go to save my buildings the BAT will ask if I'd like to over write the existing file (Whether the chosen file name exists or not). I click "yes," but nothing seems to happen (No little SC red save/load bar). No file, then, shows up under the list of buildings.

    Any ideas?

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    please excuse my ignorance, have been playing Simcity on and off for about 3yrs .just only got serious lately...getting old.very disappointed as to the fact that one cannot choose industries or buisness that go into ones cities, which to me is vital to establish growth..who wants metal foundries in a coastal region???? understand BAT does give you a choice??? if so how and where can one obtain a copy ..please

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    Well, if you're talking about the SimCity 4 BAT, it doesn't exactly do what it sounds like you're asking for. The BAT is something which allows you to create your own buildings from scratch, using a 3D modelling tool and everything. It's not just a 'simple' game modifier.
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    Ah i was wondering what the BAT was and was luckily answered above.

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