I was looking at which forum categories get used the most and decided some shuffling was needed. To focus on the most popular/important forums. As such the "members introductions" forum was moved down to the lounge, the "shameless commerce" forum was deleted (nobody had ever used it), the "other sims games" and "the Sims" forums were made sub-forums of "other games" in the lounge. Also the forum "SimCity General" was moved to just below SimCity 3000.

I'd like to merge the SimCity Customization threads into the version specific SimCity forums but I'm not sure what would be the best forum for a couple of the threads.

The idea is that with SimCity Societies coming out, there will be a lot more SimCity fans looking for a home to discuss the new game and I don't want there to be "dead" forums that have really low thread and post counts. In active forum categories make a forum look "dead" which isn't good for attracting new members.